Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Love means to have a dedication, deep attention, a great interest and pleasure in something. We can also call love as “the feelings for a thing, for a goal, for a person that can be your parents, your siblings, your respected teachers and your beloved friends. While, quotes mean quotation giving estimated cost for a particular service. Love quotes means “Everything is right in this world”.

Quotes About Love

According to love quotes, it’s all about how you are committed to yourself, your goals, your dreams, your passion and your success. In success, love quotes help you to find right direction by going through utmost effort you can made to achieve you and to create you. To, love someone you have to love yourself and if you can’t love yourself you will not be able to love others.

Love Quotes For Him

Then comes towards the creator of this world, God who created you for a purpose never be hopeless because when no one is there for you that Lord is always there. Never forget you are not alone. Always be thankful for what you have, if you lose someone or something may be it is best in your regard. Someone’s absence will make you a better person so cherish their absence it’s always a blessing in disguise.


Moreover, love quotes in dedication means which kind of efforts you made to happy someone like your parents. Your parents struggle hard to raise you up and a time comes when they want to see you at a position so that they can feel proud so never let your parents down.

There are many love quotes that leads you to live your life happily. Best love quote we can have.

Love Quotes


“There is only one happiness in this life,

to love and to be loved.”

-George Sand


Everyone want that your parents love you, but you also need to love them back by giving them time, care and affection. Today’s relations are like give and take if you spare time for your friends then they might find sometime for you.

Positive inspirational love quote for you.

Love Quotes

“Love yourself. It is vital to stay positive

as a result of beauty comes from the within out.”

-Jenn Proske

Short Quotes About Love

A time comes in your life when you make a big mistake knowing it outcomes but you realize when you have lost everything. But instead of losing heart and being sad it’s better to be positive that may be it was best that happens to you. Never let yourself go down just bring you up day by day.

Motivational and inspiring love quote for a bright future.

Love Quotes

“Success is no accident. It is hard work,

perseverance, learning, studying,

sacrifice and most of all,

love of what are doing or learning to do.”


Love quotes explains us the true meaning of how to love you, others and your goals so take them as a positive approach. I end this with love quote.

Love Quotes


“Love is important what matters is

how much sincere you are with yourself,

your family, your friends and goals never

let anyone go it will hurt”

-Nabiha Aslam

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