Quotes on life

Quotes On Life

Quotes on life

The meaning of life is simply not to survive, not to pass, not to exist but to move forward, to live happily, to achieve and to succeed. On the other hand the meaning of quote is “a quotation from a text or a speech”. Quotes means to repeat words said by someone by praising the writer or speaker. Whenever you are giving a speech or presenting some facts of life, you value it using some appropriate quotes that makes your speech effective or beneficial for the listener. Quotes on life means to enjoy your life being happy it’s all that matters.

Beautiful Quotes on life

I have found that if you love life, life will love back to you. Life is really simple but we keep on making it complicated for us by expecting before than time and more than our efforts. The purpose of quotes on life is to live life, to taste it, experience it without any fear having new missions and adventures. We all are here to live it to fullest but difference is that our individual goals are not same. Everyone has a different definition of what life is. So, here are some quotes on life that helps you understand the true meaning of life.

Quotes on life

“Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand

everything better.”

-Albert Einstein

Nature is beautiful because it forces you to look back into that period when life was simple no cars and no echnological sense. Just humans and pure life. Studying nature, you will able to have a new perspective of life.

Quotes on life

“I want to be like water.

I want to slip through fingers,

but hold up a ship.”

-Michelle Willams

Short Quotes on life

That quote on life helps me that we need to focus on small things using our strengths and efforts for bigger and important things. “Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one.”-Martin Haidegger We all are born with different potential and abilities to what we want to be. But as we go through life slowly then we are able to decide what we want to be and who we are. So, when we die we will that person we will become.

Quotes on life

“You will not be punished for your anger,

you will be punished by your anger”

-Buddha Anger

Life Quotes

Anger is not for which you will get punished. Your anger will punish you by itself. As it is said that always try to be quiet in anger because sometimes your spoken one word or a line will lead you towards disaster. Always be careful and learn how to control your anger and be a better person. We also have some motivating and inspirational quotes on life. Let’s have a look!

Quotes on life

“You can’t depend on your eyes

when your imagination is out of focus”

-Mark Twain

To dream is good but to achieve it you need to have an inspiration or a proper focus. Make sure you are working in right direction and then you will definitely see world from a different point of view.

Quotes on life

“To do two things at

once is to do neither”

-Publilius Syrus

Life Quotes Saying

These two quotes on life forced me to think in a new direction. Focus on one thing at a time instead of making multiple commitments. So avoid multi-tasking and do a great job and then focus on a next task. Moreover, we have many more quotes on life and sayings. Use them as an inspiration and motivation for a positive you and a better life. I end this with a life saying.

Quotes on life

“Short cuts make long delays.”

– Ahsan Bashir Khan Seehar


“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”
-Carol Burnett


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