Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Biography and Life Story

Charles Darwin Biography and Life Story An English natural scientist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) set down a framework for the theory of evolution which revealed that how Man evolved from inferior life forms. That was the time when his research and publication directed to bitter controversy, however his theory of evolution and natural selection later became […]

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Aristotle Biography

Aristotle Biography Aristotle Biography (384BC – 322BC) A Greek scholar, normal researcher and polymath, who made broad examinations into our general surroundings. Aristotle’s examinations and concentrates built up the establishments for Western scholarly investigations. His works shaped the reason for much learning of the main Millennium. “Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power […]

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Love Quotes

Love Quotes Love means to have a dedication, deep attention, a great interest and pleasure in something. We can also call love as “the feelings for a thing, for a goal, for a person that can be your parents, your siblings, your respected teachers and your beloved friends. While, quotes mean quotation giving estimated cost […]

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